Building Code Enforcement

What We Do

The Garrard County Building Inspector inspects all structures within the scope of the ordinance. Garrard County is approved as a Level 1 program with the KY Dept. of Housing, Buildings and Construction. Our goal is to enforce statewide standards for building construction; provide guidance to homeowners and builders; help ensure fire and life safety of structures in Garrard County. The Building Inspection Department should not be confused with a Home Inspection Service. Typically four inspections are required on new construction including Footer/Foundation, Framing, Insulation and Final. These inspections are “audits” in nature of the construction process.

What We Need

For construction of a new home or business please include the following information with your permit application

  • Septic system soil evaluation report for approval
  • Address for the property
  • Plans including Typical wall section of the structure, Floor plan and a lot diagram
  • Copy of any deed or neighborhood restrictions
  • If applicable truss diagrams and specs
  • Workers Affidavit of Assurances


Garrard County Building Permit Application for New Construction
Building Permit Application for Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, Trailer
Building Permit Application for Floating Docks
Building Permit Application for Fireworks Stand
Fireworks Sales Info Bulletine
Tiny Home Affidavit
Workers Affidavit of Assurances for Workers Compensation Insurance


Building Code Enforcement Contact List
Fee Schedule
Final Inspection Notice
Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Detectors
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